Pool Rules and Regulations

Swim Lessons:

No Outside Swim Lessons Allowed – if you attempt to hold swim lessons that are not affiliated with the Athens City Pool Swim Program, you will be asked to leave the facility and may be banned for the season.

Age Guidelines: 

Children under 11 years old must be under the direct care and supervision of a parent or guardian, or other responsible person, who is at least 14 years old. 

Children between the ages of 4 and 17 must stay out of the pool during adult swim (quarter till every hour). 

Children must be under the age of 4 and accompanied by an adult to enter the locker rooms of the opposite sex. Family restrooms are located throughout the facility. 

Swim Attire: 

For the safety, health, and welfare of all patrons, proper swimsuit attire must be worn while in the pool.

A dress code exception for medical or religious reasons may be requested to the Facility Operations Manager or Head Lifeguard. 

Children who are not potty trained are required to wear swim diapers. 

Open Swim:

No goggles that cover the nose are allowed in the pool. No exceptions.

Please shower before entering the pool.

Laps are for lap swimming only. Parents/guardians may use the laps to teach their child how to swim. 

15-minute break periods happen every hour at a quarter till (adult swim). Children between the ages of 4-17 must stay out of the pool during adult swim. 

No flotation devices or dangerous toys are allowed. 

Only U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed in the leisure and tot pools. No life jackets in the lap pool or diving well. 

Pre-approved flotation devices are allowed in the tot pool only. 

All additional rules regarding safety of pool patrons are at the Pool Staff's discretion. 

Violators of the posted rules and/or other safety rules are subject to expulsion for the season, or dismissal for the day. 

Swim Test:

All individuals under the age of 14 or those who the Lifeguard deems necessary, must take a 25 yard swim test in order to use the diving board or lap lane pool. 

If a child does not pass the swim test, they must remain within arm’s length of a responsible adult in the lap pool and they are unable to use the diving boards. They may still use the slides, leisure pool, and splash pad.

A swim test is not needed to use the slide or splash pad. Must be 48 inches tall to use slide. 

You can only take the swim test once per day. 

Upon passing the swim test, the individual will receive a colored wrist band to indicate they have passed. 

Successful completion of the swim test does not prevent you from having to take it again. 

Permitted Food and Drink: 

Food and drink are only allowed to be consumed in designated areas. These areas include the picnic tables, grass areas, and the party room. NO food or drink is permitted in any other area. Water may be consumed anywhere in the facility.

No glass is permitted in the facility. 

No alcohol is permitted on the grounds of the facility.