Union Street Cemetery

Union Street Cemetery is an active cemetery with over 8,000 interments. Please use this link to visit a searchable GIS map of the cemetery. The map includes links to the original lot records for each lot in a section. 

Notable Persons

There are a number of notable people buried at Union Street Cemetery. Several are particularly known for their substantial contributions to Ohio University. There are 28 individuals buried at Union Street Cemetery that have a building named after them on Ohio University's campus. Below is a partial list of notables: 

  • John Frank Oldfield (1867-1916) - United States Postal Inspector, credited with taking down one of the first organized crime rings "The Society of the Banana." There is a book written about his life: "Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society: America's Original Gangsters and the U.S. Postal Detective Who Brought Them to Justice." 
  • Charles Grosvenor Bond (1877-1974) - United States Congressman (67th Congress), His granddaughter founded the television network, Oxygen.
  • Elmer Burritt Bryan (1865-1934) - 11th President of Ohio University (1921-1934, died in office), the namesake of Bryan Hall on Ohio Univeristy's Campus
  • Alston Ellis (1847-1920) - 10th President of Ohio University (1901-1920, died in office), the namesake of Ellis Hall on Ohio University's campus 
  • Walter S. Gamertsfelder (1885-1967) - 13th President of Ohio University (1943-1945), namesake of Gamertsfelder Hall on Ohio University's campus
  • Charles Henry Grosvenor (1833-1917) - Union Brevet Brigadier General, Civil War, Ohio House of Representatives - Speaker of the House, United States Congressman (53rd-59th Congresses), Chairman of the House Republican Conference
  • George "Crum" Kahler (1889-1924) - Major League Pitcher - Cleveland Naps (Indians), best known for fighting Ty Cobb in 1912: "If he tackles me, he will find that he is going up against just one more man who can take his measure. I don't claim to be a fighter, but I don't think Ty Cobb will ever scare me with any threats." After squaring off with Cobb in the first inning of their next meeting, a fight broke out between them. Neither was thrown out and Kahler went on to pitch a 10-inning shutout, winning the game for Cleveland. 
  • Eliakim Hastings Moore (1812-1900) - United States Congressman (41st Congress)
  • Calvary Morris (1798-1871) - United States Congressman (25th-27th Congresses)
  • Nelson Holmes Van Vorhes (1822-1882) - Union Colonel, Civil War, United States Congressman (44th, 45th Congresses)
  • John Welch (1805-1891) - United States Congressman (32nd Congress), Associate Justice Ohio Supreme Court (1865-1878), Chief Justice Ohio Supreme Court (1877-78)