Rentals and Reservations

Arts West is now available to rent for classes, performances, rehearsals, music practice, parties, and other events! The facility offers many spaces to choose from including a fully functional performance space with stage lighting and sound equipment. All rentals include the use of our parking lot.

Please note that our rental availability and rules are subject to change. 

For information on renting the space, please call 740-592-4315 or email at

Arts West Rental Rates (Per Hour)

  Member Non-member/Resident Non-member/Non-resident Non-profit/Resident Non-profit/Non-resident Commercial Organization
Green Room $10 $12 $14 $10 $12 $15
Lower Gallery & Kitchen $45 $55 $60 $40 $50 $60
Robert L. Winters Memorial Performance Space $45 $55 $65 $40 $55 $75
Whole Facility (Hourly) $70 $80 $90 $65 $75 $100
Whole Facility (Full Day)* $900 $925 $950 $900 $925 $1000

*This rental will give 12 full hours on the day of event along with 2 additional hours the day prior to the event.

Rental Policies:

  • A 50% deposit is required to make a reservation in advance; Full payment is required the day of BEFORE access is granted to space(s)
  • If a same day reservation is requested and available, full payment is required BEFORE access is granted to space(s)

Cancellation policies:

  • If event/reservation is cancelled due to inclement weather - refund or reschedule
  • If event/reservation is cancelled up to 1 week prior to reservation - full refund of deposit and/or total rental fees paid
  • If event/reservation is cancelled less than 1 week prior to reservation - deposit is held, any additional fees paid will be refunded (so if someone paid in full up front, they can get 50% of their fees paid back but if they just paid deposit, they get no refund)

Non-profit Status and residency

  • All non profits will be required to provide proof of non-profit status before reservation at non-profit rates are secured
  • All non-profits will be required to provide proof of Athens City limits business residency or not before appropriates rates are secured
  • Individuals are required to provide proof of residency to receive any residency discounts