Deputy Service Safety Director


The Deputy Service-Safety Director assists the Service-Safety Director in the functions of the Director's office and coordinates projects and administrative tasks with City departments and outside agencies. This assistance includes serving on various boards and commissions, writing and review of policy and procedure, supervision of various departments, media relations, and other responsibilities. 

Highlighted Responsibilities

  • Provides oversight for the Mayor and Service-Safety Director concerning projects, grants, contracts, easements, and other issues.
  • Administers service contracts for various public activities.
  • Proactively investigates complaints and problems in the City and provides information to the Mayor and Service-Safety Director for resolving issues.
  • Supervises the Utilities Billing Office.
  • Responsible for property and vehicle insurance claims and updates.
  • Serves as the administrative appeals hearing officer for litter violations.
  • Serves as a standing member and City representative on a number of both City and university commissions.
  • Assists with coordinating media relations with Department Heads and The Government Channel Director.
  • Coordinates planning and City support for City-wide special events.
  • Keeps records of City maintained cemeteries.