Swim Lessons

2021 Swim Lesson Information

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You may only sign up for one session of swim lessons at a time. 

The Athens City Pool provides quality swim lessons that develop key water safety skills. We offer the American Red Cross Swim Lessons which are designed to encourage a lifetime of safety, fun and fitness. Each level builds skills and endurance with a specific teaching  progression to make learning easier and exciting!

During the first day of lessons, instructors will be introduced and children that did not participate in our swim evaluation days will be given a swim test.  This is to confirm swimmers are in the needed level of swim        instruction so they can get the most out of their lessons. Our swim instructors will communicate with parents/guardians about any adjustments that need to be made in the placement of their child’s learn-to-swim level.

Please keep in mind that not all children learn the same way or at the same rate. Some may need to repeat a swim level while some may advance to the next level. This is completely normal and instructors are trained to evaluate which level will benefit the child the most. With patience, perseverance and practice swimmers will succeed in all levels.

Session 1: June  21—July 2                                      

Session 2: July 5—July 16                      

Session 3: July  19—July 30                        

Session 4: August 2—August 13

Time Slots
  • 9:30 am - 10:05 am
  • 10:15 am - 10:50 am
  • 7:15 pm - 7:50 pm
  • All classes meet for two weeks, Monday-Thursday and are 35 minutes long.  
  • If class is canceled due to weather, Friday becomes a makeup day. Every effort will be made to fulfill the total number of classes. Rain does not cancel classes. 
  • You may only sign up for one session at a time, per person. We do this in order to accommodate as many participants as possible.
  • No Refunds.
  • Participants should be dressed and have used the bathroom before lessons begin.
  • Participants should shower before entering the pool and are encouraged to rinse off after
  • In order to provide an environment free of any potential distractions or safety concerns, parents/guardians are required to stay in designated viewing areas. This will be strictly enforced.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do classes get canceled because of weather?
A. Weather is unpredictable and periodically we may need to cancel classes. We will make every effort to contact parent(s)/guardian(s) in a timely manner. Please ensure your phone number is updated when registering for classes. Cancellations will also be posted on the Athens Community Center Facebook page.

Q. May I sit by the pool deck during lessons?
A. No. We ask all parents/guardians to sit in designated viewing areas. This is to limit the number of people on the pool deck and to help students and instructors to focus on instruction.  

Q. May I register my child for another session before their current session is over?
A. No. Parents/guardians must wait until their child has completed and passed their session of swim lessons before signing up for another. Signing up for more than one session is not guaranteed.

Please follow the linkhttps://apm.activecommunities.com/athensrec/Home to register for lessons online and for a description of each level. Lessons may also be registered in person at the Athens Community Center or over the phone by calling 740-592-3325.

Turtle 1 /Turtle 2: Water Adjustment (Must be 3-5yrs. old)
Turtle 1, will be held in the kiddy pool. Turtle 2, classes will be held in zero depth to 3-foot section of the main pool. In both classes, students learn to become comfortable in and round water, as well as under the water. These levels are designed for younger swimmers who need assistance in learning basic elementary water skills with assistance and without. Emphasis of this class includes: water safety and adjustment through songs and games.

Tadpole—Level 1: Introduction to Water (Must be at least 4ft. tall) (Typical ages 4-7)
This level is intended to help students feel more comfortable in the water with assistance from the instructor. Students will learn basic water skills, submerging, breath holding, floating, gliding, alternating and simultaneous leg and arm action, and water safety. Participants must be at least 4ft. tall.

Frog—Level 2: Fundamental Water Skills (Typical ages 5-8)
Participants combine the skills developed in Level 1 to master the fundamental skills necessary for basic swim strokes with less assistance from the instructor. Skills taught include rotary breathing, retrieve submerged objects, exploration to deeper water, finning, treading water, gliding, turning over and swimming on back. Prerequisite: Must have passed Level 1.

Minnow—Level 3: Stroke Development (Typical ages 6-12)
Students build and refine skills from Level 2, and introduced to new strokes and techniques. This level introduces new floats, dolphin, flutter, scissor and breaststroke kicks, streamline, and elementary backstroke. Exploration to deep water swimming, and elements/ rules for diving in the 12-foot section will be introduced. Prerequisite: Must have passed Level 2.

Seahorse—Level 4: Stroke Improvement (Typical ages 7-14) — ONLY OFFERED DURING SESSION 1 AND 3
Participants improve on swimming skills and increase endurance on strokes learned in previous levels. This includes front and elementary backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and rotary breathing. Additionally, skills taught include head first entries in the deep ends of the pool, and off the diving board, treading water, feet first surface dive and introduction to flip turns at the wall. This course is only offered during session 2 and 4. Prerequisite: Must have passed Level 3.

Porpoise—Level 5: Stroke Refinement (Typical ages 7-14) — ONLY OFFERED DURING SESSION 2 AND 4

This higher-level course focuses on increased endurance, coordination, and refinement of all strokes. Participants will work on refining strokes in order to swim with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. This course is only offered during session 2 and 4. Prerequisite: Must have passed Level 4.

Aqua Tots —Parent and Child Aquatics
This is a water exploration class for tots accompanied by a parent/or guardian. The instructor will lead swimmers through water games and activities designed to help them become comfortable in the water. No skill prerequisites, however, they must be at least 6 months to 2 years old. Must be accompanied in the water by a parent/or guardian at all times.

Adaptive Aquatics
These group lessons are for children of all ages with disabilities. Children with any level of experience are welcome to participate. These lessons will focus on water safety and basic aquatic skills. Instructors will work with children who are reluctant to enter or submerge in the water, who need to learn basic water safety, and who want to learn beginner swimming skills. Participants will need to enroll in this class, no drop-in fees as in previous years.