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In Progress:

270 Columbus Road Bikepath Spur - This project consists of constructing a bicycle and pedestrian route between the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway and the Columbus Road area of Athens, including a new steel truss bridge crossing of the Hocking River.

The project is being funded through a combination of ODOT’s Transportation Alternatives Program funds, ODNR’s Clean Ohio Trails fund, and local funds.

The project was awarded to the Righter Company and Thompson Excavation, with construction commencing in spring, 2016.

Project #286 Depot Street Lift StationThis project includes new mechanical screening, odor control, pipework, structural, and mechanical improvements at the Depot Street Lift Station. 

The project is being completed using a combination of CDBG Critical Infrastructure funds and local funds. The Contractor for the project is Geiger Brothers, and completion of the project is scheduled for fall, 2016.

Project #301 Franklin Avenue Infrastructure Improvements Project – This project includes replacing the existing stormwater system with new underground stormwater lines and stormwater structures, replacing out-of-date existing water meters with new water meters in the same location, replacing specific sections of damaged sidewalk and curb, constructing standard curb ramps at sidewalk/street intersections, and resurfacing Franklin Avenue with asphalt.

AEP, Time Warner Cable, and Frontier, will be completing overhead utility relocation in the project area.

The Project was awarded to York Paving and is expected to be completed in fall, 2016. The project is being completed using Community Development Block Grant funds and local funds.    

Project #303 2016 Waterline Improvements Project  The project consists of replacing main waterlines, water services, updating water meters, and installing new fire hydrants on Grand Park Boulevard (East State Street to Dalton), and Dalton Avenue (Grand Park Boulevard to Avon Place).  Grand Park Boulevard will receive an asphalt overlay once waterline installation is completed.

The Project was awarded to York Paving and is expected to be completed in fall, 2016. The project is being completed using local funds.    

Projects in Planning:

Project #288 East State Street & US 33 Interchange Improvements – This project will address the crashes and congestion at the signals and roadway segments immediately adjacent to the interchange. It will also address congestion and safety concerns in the longer corridor, with focus on pedestrian enhancements, signal system enhancements, and pavement and marking repairs. 

Design Engineering is in progress and construction is expected to begin in 2017.

Project #289 North Congress Street Sewer Improvements – This project includes the replacement of approximately 2,200 feet of sanitary sewer and spot replacement of storm sewer from the intersection of Ring Street and North Congress Street, to the intersection of West Carpenter and North Congress Street, along the rear of the homes on the west side of North Congress.

Investigation work and design efforts will continue through 2016/early 2017.

Project #296 NW Athens Bikeway Spur Phase 3 – This project includes the third phase of the NW Athens Bikeway Spur Project: Armitage Road to University Estates Boulevard.

Project #302 'McKinley' Extension Access Road – This project includes construction of an access road between Mill Street and Stimson Avenue, with a new intersection alignment on Stimson Avenue.  This project will provide pedestrian improvements and direct, safe access from the manufacturing zone in central Athens to the nearby 33/50 interchange.

Design Engineering is in progress and construction is expected to begin in 2017.

Project #305 West Union Street Improvements Project – This project includes installing sidewalk, curb, and decorative lighting on West Union Street between S. Congress Street and S. Court Street.

Project #306 West State Street/Lancaster Street Traffic Signal Replacement – This project includes pedestrian improvements and a traffic signal replacement at the intersection of West State Street and Lancaster Street.

Project #307 Water Treatment Plant Improvements Project, Phase 1 – The Phase 1 project will include electrical upgrades, general plant improvements, and improvements to instrumentation and controls.