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Disabilities Commission
The Athens City Commission on Disabilities

2017 Athena Award Nominations

Nominations for the Athena Award are being accepted until March 1, 2017. The Athens City Commission on Disabilities Athena Award is presented annually by the city of Athens to a person, agency, organization or business dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with disabilities and who have made significant contributions to the City of Athens on their behalf. To make a nomination download this form.


Submit the form to:

City of Athens

8 E. Washington St.

Athens, OH, 45701

Phone: (740) 592-3338

Fax: (740) 592-3341

This board meets the third Wednesday of every month at 5:30 pm at
the Athens Community Center.  The public is welcome to attend.  
To make a presentation or to add agenda items contact the Mayor's Office: (740) 592-3338 Email

Voting Members
Brigante, Robin
Dennis, Scott
Dikis, Rose
Dilley, Berry
Edge, Lara (Chair)
Kinney, Lori (Acting Secretary)
Lewis, Carolyn
McNelly, David R. (Vice-chair)
Purdy, Darrell
Trembly, Noah (Treasurer)
Wessinger, Joseph

Non-Voting Members
McKee, Patrick (City Council Representative)
Patterson, Steve (Mayor)

The Athens City Commission on Disabilities is an agency of city government whose commitment is to provide a means for the concerns of people with disabilities to be heard; to advocate for public policy change; to provide expertise to the community on disabilities; and tell the community about the strengths and limitations of people with disabilities, as well as how the community can help them improve their quality of life, thereby ensuring equality of opportunity and full participation in community life for everyone. 

Powers & Duties 
  • Make recommendations to the Athens City government on city services related to the needs of persons with disabilities
  • Act as liaison between members of the community and local government
  • Respond to questions from the public, local government, and community
  • Consult with Athens city officials, council, and citizens
  • Inform the city of grant opportunities 
  • Submit activity reports and recommendations to the Athens City Council

Contact Us


City of Athens
8 E. Washington St. 
Athens, OH 45701

Ph: (740) 592-3338
Fx: (740) 592-3341