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Community Relations Commission
The Community Relations Commission shall endeavor to bring about and maintain harmony within the Athens community and to avoid, or reduce, intergroup tensions, to promote tolerance and goodwill, and to ensure equality of treatment and of opportunity of all person regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin or ancestry, marital or familial status, religious belief, age, or disability.

The commission consists of nine members appointed by Athens City Council. Term length is 3 years. Five members constitutes a quorum.

 Term Ending
 Black, Laura (Co-Chair)
 March 2019
 Clarke, Shari
 March 2019
 Gierhart, Kathy
 March 2019
 Marson, Loran
 March 2019
 Mattson, Jay
 March 2019
 Rae, Char
 March 2019
 Schmieding, John
 March 2019
 Thomas, Aaron (Co-Chair) 
 March 2019
 Williams, Ruby
 March 2019