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Athens Recreation Advisory Board
Athens Recreation Advisory Board Definitions & Duties

Abel, Ric (Chair)
Alost, Paige
Deidesheimer, Christina
Ferguson, Mark
Palmer, Nicholas
Zwayer, Marilyn

Related Ordinances:

3.07.41. - Athens Recreation Program Advisory Committee; definitions.

· The following words when used in Sections 3.07.41 through 3.07.43 shall have the following meanings respectively ascribed to them:

(A) "Committee" means the Athens Recreation Program Advisory Committee.

(B) "Administration" means the Mayor and Service Director of the City of Athens, Ohio.

· 3.07.42. - Establishment of committee.

· (A) There is hereby created and established a committee to be known as the Athens Recreation Advisory Committee consisting of seven members appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of Athens City Council. All members of the committee shall be electors of the City of Athens, except that two of the members may reside outside the corporate limits but within Athens Township.

(B) All members of the committee shall be appointed/reappointed to staggered two-year terms. Board members may serve three consecutive two-year terms. Vacancies on this committee occurring otherwise than by the expiration of terms, shall be filled for the unexpired term and appointed in the same manner as the original appointments. All members shall serve without compensation.

(C) Four members shall constitute a quorum, with a majority vote of the full voting membership necessary to take any official action. The committee shall maintain a record of its proceedings and shall adopt such rules and regulations of self-government as may be necessary to carry out the purposes and provisions of this section.

· 3.07.43. - Powers and duties.

The committee shall have the following powers and duties:

(A) Advise the administration in matters relating to the adoption of programming, policies and procedures for the operation, equipment and maintenance of parks, playgrounds, play fields, public baths, swimming pools, indoor recreation centers, gymnasiums for any land or buildings owned by the City of Athens not dedicated to public use other than for recreational use.

(B) Advise the administration in matters relating to the job qualifications and employment of personnel in the Athens City Recreation Department.

(C) Prepare and submit an annual report of its activities to the mayor and to make such other reports and recommendations to the mayor from time to time as may be deemed necessary by the mayor.

(D) Undertake such other studies and assignments on recreational matters as may be requested by the administration.