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Alerts from: City of Athens, OH

Code Enforcement / Community Development

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1. What types of home improvement do I not need a permit to complete?
2. How many people are allowed to live at my house or apartment?
3. If I want to convert my home into a residential rental property what are some of the requirements?
4. What should I expect if I have a party at my house?

Engineering / Public Works

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1. What do I do about a water / sewer line break?
2. How can I be notified about a boil order?
3. How do I get a sewer / water tap installed at my residence?
4. Where can I request a street closure or the movement of a dumpster?
5. My car was damaged by a pothole on a street maintained by the city. Can I receive compensation for the repair?
6. I am having concrete work done and am interested in curb by my residence that meets city code. Am I eligible for reimbursement?
7. I am moving in or out of Athens; how do I activate/deactivate my water?
8. How can I dispose of my yard waste?
9. Can I dump brush at the city annex?
10. What do I do about a downed tree?
11. Can I get loads of mulch from the city?
12. There is a dead animal in the roadway. What should I do?
13. There is a downed power line in the road way. What should I do?
14. How do I dispose of dead leaves in the fall?


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1. How do I apply for a city job?
2. What if I am looking for a temporary or part-time job?
3. How do I know when the city is accepting applications?
4. If I file an application, does this make me eligible for different examinations?
5. Do I have to submit any other papers along with my application?
6. How are the job specifications determined?
7. Are job requirements ever waived?
8. Who decides whether an applicant is accepted for an examination?
9. What is the best way to assure that my application will be accepted?
10. What are some of the reasons for rejection of my application?
11. If I have a police record, does that make me ineligible for employment with the City of Athens?
12. If my application is rejected, do I have any right of appeal?
13. If my application is rejected, does that mean that I can't apply for other civil service examinations?
14. What happens if my application is approved?
15. After I take the Civil Service Exam, am I eligible for federal, state, and county jobs?
16. What types of exams are given?
17. What happens after I take the examination?
18. So if I pass the exam, does that mean that I get a job?
19. If I am offered a city job, are there any other conditions that I must meet before I can begin work?

Income Tax

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1. Does the City of Athens assess an income tax?
2. What is the tax rate?
3. Are all sources of income taxable?
4. If I live outside the Athens city limits, am I subject to the Athens city income tax?
5. If I live in Athens, but work in another city with an income tax, am I subject to the Athens city income tax?
6. Do I need to file a return if my business activity reported a loss for the year?
7. What deductions may I take?
8. How does the Athens City Income Tax Return differ from the Federal Income Tax Return?
9. What should I include with my return?
10. How do I submit an extension request?
11. When is my income tax return due?
12. Do I need to file an annual City of Athens income tax return?
13. What is the declaration / estimated payment schedule?
14. How can I find out if I need to pay and file Athens City Income tax?


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1. How do I contact a city/county department?
2. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?

Noise Ordinance FAQ

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1. What is the noise law in the City of Athens?
2. How is the noise ordinance enforced?
3. Will I be cited for a violation of the noise ordinance?
4. I have never been warned before, but I received a citation, I thought warnings were required?
5. What constitutes an egregious violation of the noise ordinance?
6. What should I do if an officer appears at my house to enforce the noise ordinance?
7. Is the noise ordinance only in effect after 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends?
8. What is the difference between an administrative violation, a minor misdemeanor violation, and a fourth degree misdemeanor?
9. I have already been issued an administrative citation for violation of the noise ordinance, what could happen if I am found to be in violation again?
10. If I am a student, will Ohio University find out about my noise violation?
11. I have recently moved into a house that has been warned or cited in the last six months, can I be cited for noise?
12. What is the best way to avoid violating the noise ordinance?


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1. What is the 24hr parking rule?
2. Which areas are limited to two-hour parking?
3. May I park on the sidewalk?
4. What does a yellow curb indicate?
5. Is it legal to block a private drive?
6. What areas may have restricted parking?
7. What are the restrictions to parking downtown?
8. My vehicle has been towed from a private lot. Who do I contact?
9. How do I pay a parking ticket?

Tax Amnesty

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1. What is tax amnesty?
2. What types of taxes are covered by amnesty?
3. What are the participation requirements?
4. What if I can’t pay my taxes in full?
5. Can amnesty be revoked?
6. Do I qualify for amnesty?
7. Will amnesty be offered each year?
8. How do I file?