General City News Releases

Posted on: June 16, 2017

City of Athens Partnering with Service Line Warranties of America to Offer Voluntary Program

City of Athens residents are beginning to receive letters from the Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) in partnership with the National League of Cities (NLC). This is program that is available to all of our residents ). This is a voluntary program that residents can enroll in. The purpose is to cover repairs to water service lines from the home to the water meter, or sanitary sewer lines from the home to the curb. These repairs are not always covered by home owner’s insurance, so it is a way for customers to get relief if their water line fails.

 The monthly rate for customers to enroll is $5.75 or a discounted annual payment of $64.00. The maximum amount of coverage is $4000 per incident. In order to enroll in the program, the resident must check the option that they desire to pay for, sign and return the form. Customers can also enroll by calling 1-855-535-7141 or visit

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