Affordable Housing Commission



The Affordable Housing Commission consists of 11 members, 7 appointed by City Council, 1 Mayoral representative (not confirmed by council), 1 OU representative, 1 city council rep and the executive director of the Metropolitan Housing Authority

Members Term Ending
Andrews, Keith (MHA) N/A
Barga, Susan 06/30/21
Bolin, Shawna (OU) N/A
Grace, Sarah (Council) N/A
Lewis, Joyce 06/30/20
Logue, Paul (Mayor's Appointee) N/A
Marrs-Maxfield, Sara 06/30/21
Mitchell, Jacob 06/30/19
Papai, Michele 06/30/20
Sharp, Danita 06/30/21
Trembly, Noah   06/30/19