Joint Police Advisory Council (JPAC)


The Council develops and maintains productive lines of communication between members of the City-University community and the police departments who serve them. The Council emphasizes shared solutions that make optimal use of resources that best meet the needs of the overall community.


The Chief of Police from the City of Athens and Chief of Police from Ohio University are permanent members. The President of Ohio University appoints individuals representing the university community and the Mayor appoints 11 individuals. Term length is one year.

Mayoral Appointees Representing Term Ending
Burchfield, Molly At Large Victim's Advocate September 2017
Dahn, Karen Neighborhood Association September 2017
Horan Moseley, Paula Service-Safety Director
Kinney, Lori
At Large Service Community September 2017
Knisely, Chris City Council
Lucas, Ron Deputy Service-Safety Director
Moneypenny, Ann Landlord Community September 2019
Smedley, Arian At Large City of Athens September 2019
Stock, Toby At Large Commuter Community September 2017
Thomas, Josh Chamber of Commerce September 2017
Vacant At Large Underrepresented Constituents