Trash Collection Schedule

Trash cans can be placed at the curb the night before your pickup day beginning at dusk and be available at curbside by 7am.  Cans must be returned to your home and out of sight from your street of address, by sunset of your pickup day.

Athens Trash Collection Schedule

Location Collection Day
Albany Wednesday
Alexander Tuesday
Alley, ATCO Monday
Alley, Home & Shannon Thursday
Alley, May & Hudson Thursday
Alley, State & Elmwood Thursday
Alley, Stimson & Morris Thursday
Andover Wednesday
Angel Ridge Wednesday
Applegate Wednesday
Arden Tuesday
Atlantic Wednesday
Avon Thursday
Blackburn Wednesday
Banbury Wednesday
Berkley Wednesday
Blick Wednesday
Blueline Wednesday
Bolleanna Thursday
Boyd Tuesday
Briarwood Tuesday
Brown Monday
Bryan Tuesday
Byard Wednesday
Cable Lane Tuesday
Campbell Thursday
Canterbury Wednesday
Cardiff Wednesday
Carpenter, all Tuesday
Carroll Wednesday
Central Monday
Charles Thursday
Church Monday
Clarke Monday
College Monday
Columbia Tuesday
Columbus, all Tuesday
Congress, N #9 thru 79 Monday
Congress, N #92 and up Tuesday
Congress, S Monday
Cook Thursday
Cornwell Thursday
Coss Monday
Coulson Wednesday
Court Every day
Coventry Wednesday
Curran Monday
Currier Monday
Curtis Wednesday
Dalton Thursday
Depot Wednesday
Earich Tuesday
Eden Thursday
Elizabeth Monday
Elliott Monday
Ellis Tuesday
Elmwood Thursday
Euclid Thursday
Evans Tuesday
Factory Wednesday
Fairmont Tuesday
Fairview Tuesday
Far Hills Wednesday
Fern Friday
First Monday
Forrest Tuesday
Fort Tuesday
Foster Wednesday
Franklin Tuesday
Frum Wednesday
Garfield Tuesday
Gibson Wednesday
Graham Thursday
Grand Park Thursday
Granville Monday
Grant Thursday
Greenbrier Wednesday
Grosvenor Tuesday
Hanlin Monday
Harris Tuesday
Health Center Monday
Herrold Wednesday
Hickory Wednesday
High Monday
Highland Tuesday
Hillcrest Thursday
Hocking Monday
Home Thursday
Hooper Wednesday
Hudson Thursday
Jacobs Thursday
Joneswood Tuesday
Kent Wednesday
Kern Monday
Kurtz Monday
Lamar Wednesday
Lancaster Monday
Lash Monday
Lincoln Thursday
Lloyd Thursday
Longview Heights Wednesday
Lorene Thursday
Ludlow Tuesday
Madison Tuesday
Maple Wednesday
Maplewood Thursday
Marietta Tuesday
Mary Monday
May, N Tuesday
May, S Thursday
McGuffey Tuesday
Meadow Thursday
Merkle Tuesday
Mill Monday
Miller Monday
Milliron Monday
Milton Wednesday
Mohler Wednesday
Montrose Thursday
Moore Wednesday
Morris Thursday
Mound Tuesday
Mulligan Wednesday
Northwood Tuesday
Oak Monday
Ohio Thursday
Old Coach Wednesday
Old Peach Ridge Tuesday
Ondis Thursday
Orchard Tuesday
Palmer Monday
Patton Tuesday
Penny Wednesday
Pine Tuesday
Playground Monday
Pleasantview Thursday
Pomeroy Wednesday
Pratt Wednesday
Putnam Monday
Ransom Tuesday
Rardin Monday
Raymond Monday
Richland Wednesday
Ring Tuesday
Riverview Tuesday
Robinson Trailer Park Thursday
Roosevelt Tuesday
Roxbury Wednesday
Salem Monday
Second Monday
Shafer, N Monday
Shafer, S Wednesday
Shannon, N Tuesday
Shannon, S Thursday
Short Tuesday
Slaughter Monday
Smith Wednesday
Spring Tuesday
State, E Thursday
State, W Monday
Stewart Monday
Stimson - south side of street Monday
Stimson - north side of street Thursday
Strathmore Thursday
Stroud's Run Tuesday
Sunnyside Thursday
Sunset Tuesday
Sussex Wednesday
Terrace Tuesday
Third Tuesday
Townsend Thursday
Troy Tuesday
Tulane Tuesday
Union, E Monday
Union, W Wednesday
University Heights Wednesday
University Terrace Wednesday
Utah Thursday
Valleyview Tuesday
Walker Monday
Wallace Thursday
Warren Wednesday
Washington, W Wednesday
Watt Thursday
West Hills Monday
Woodside Tuesday
Woodward Tuesday
York Wednesday