Revenue & Expenses

Letter from the Auditor

Fellow Resident,

Each year the City of Athens collects revenue from several different sources. All of us receive various municipal services while contributing in numerous ways to their funding. As your current Athens City Auditor, I work in close consultation with our City Council Representatives (my former colleagues) and Mayor Patterson to track and manage our fiscal resources. The following is a partial list of revenues and expenditures involved in providing these services for your review. I hope you find it to be both interesting and informative.

Kathy Hecht
Athens City Auditor

Actual Revenue for 2018
Court Costs $599,230
Court Fines $109,263
Fairground Parking $28,960
Income Tax Total $14,400,164
Parking Garage Fund Total $403,969
Parking Tickets $284,285
Rental Permits $551,733
Sewer Service Charges $2,901,324
Street Meters $446,923
Total Recreation / Community Center Funds $1,958,444
Water Service Charges $3,361,150

Actual Expenses for 2018
Medical Insurance Claims $3,591,242
Municipal Court Total $1,181,437
Parking Enforcement Total $543,883
Parking Garage $322,314
Recreation / Community Center Fund Total $8,284,98
Street Total $2,588,111
Total Code $618,030
Total Fire $3,457,861
Total Police (with grants) $4,26,247