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Palmerfest 2015 Media Report
A number of house parties occurred on Palmer Street on Saturday, Match 28th, 2015. The parties began Saturday morning at around 11:30 AM and continued throughout the day and into the late afternoon. Read on...
Richland Avenue South Improvements Project - Work Zone Safety
The Richland Avenue project is being constructed in a corridor with over 15,000 vehicles per day as well as high cyclist and pedestrian traffic volumes. When traveling through the work zone, please keep the following suggestions in mind: Read on...
Citizens are reminded that the 2014 filing deadline for Athens City income taxes is April 15, 2015. Taxpayers may now download tax forms on- line at Read on...
Around Athens
In anticipation of upcoming spring festivals, please note the following items to insure safety and compliance with local regulations and Athens City Code Title 9.14 Nuisance Parties:

Street Parking – Parking will not be permitted between 12:00 p.m. on Friday and 7:00 a.m. on Sunday. Any vehicles left in these affected areas will be towed. No parking is permitted on Oak Street, Kurtz Street or on Mill Street between College and Elliott Streets during the dates noted below. March 13 th, 14th, 15th & March 27th, 28th , 29th. 

~ Glass Containers – Possession of opened bottle or container of beer or liquor in an established glass-free zone is prohibited. Glass-free zones are established per the Service-Safety Director prior to these events. ACC 9.06.04
~ Roofs – roofs are not porches, decks or balconies, Athens City Code § 13.07.09 requires you stay off.
Stages – if you are planning on having a stage, contact Code Enforcement (592-3306) to verify stage location so as not to obstruct emergency egress. Insure that electrical cords are of the correct gauge and not a trip hazard.
Porta-Johns – if you are planning a large turnout at your property, you may want to consider having a porta-john placed on your lot for sanitary concerns.
~ Vending/Tents/Signage – it is illegal to vend in residential districts. There will also be no signage or tents in the front yard permitted.
~ Fires / Burning – it is strictly prohibited to have outside fires or burning within City limits.
~ Fire Extinguishers / Smoke Detectors – you should verify you have fully charged fire extinguishers and operable smoke detectors at your property.
~ Temporary Fences – no temporary fencing of any kind shall be permitted in any part of your yard.
~ Front-Yard Parking – no parking shall be permitted in front yards.
~ Street – Do not stand in any street, violators may be arrested.
~ Open Container – No open-container of alcohol is permitted on the city right-of-way (i.e. sidewalks and streets).
~ Clean-up around property – remove objects from your property that could become projectiles. All “inside” furniture such as couches should be moved indoors so as not to pose a fire safety hazard.

~ Clean up litter during and after the party.
~ Allow guests to use your restroom.
~ Don’t hesitate to ask belligerent and aggressive guests to leave – call police if needed.
~ Make sure guests do not throw anything beyond the bounds of your property.
~ Make sure anyone who is drinking alcohol is 21 or older.
~ Leave drinks behind to avoid open container violations.
~ Ask guests to stay on your property – no blocking streets or sidewalks.
~ Keep noise at an acceptable level at all times.
~ Turn off music by 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on weekends.
~ Respect your neighbors’ property and confront vandalism.

In addition, your party may be shut down for any of the following:

~ Illegal use of a controlled substance
~ Public indecency
~ The damage or destruction of property without the consent of the property owner
~ Unlawful pedestrian or vehicular traffic
~ Standing or parking of vehicles that obstructs the free flow of traffic on the public streets and sidewalks or that impedes the ability to render emergency services
~ Or any other conduct or condition that threatens injury, inconvenience, or alarm to persons or damage to property which is hereby declared to be an unlawful public nuisance

Note: All trash and solid waste regulations remain in effect and will be strictly enforced.

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ALERT Time Warner Cable has moved The Government Channel:  If you do not have a cable box, tune to 96-203 to find TGC.

CITY OF ATHENS INCOME TAX FILING DEADLINE IS Wednesday, APRIL 15. Taxpayers may now download tax forms on- line at